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WebTank FORM
In order for your tank particulars to be displayed in this website we will require you to enter some specifics pertaining to your aquarium. It shouldn't take longer than 10-15min.

We tried to make it as easy as possible and as less time consuming as possible. If have better ideas pls. mail us.


It is pretty self explanatory and all you have to do is follow the questionnaire, select or fill in and when is done up press Submit, your aquarium specifics will appear in this web at the end of the consecutive month.


Please note:

.Your page won't be posted should the most pertaining info be missing or wrong e-mail.

.A Calculator page can be found in this website for conversions.

.You can be sweet & short or if you like to described there's enough room for it too.

.Your are a private hobbyist and not a shop keeper using this facility for money making purposes.

.Try to fill in as much info as possible.

.Avoid sending the same info over and over, rather log-on to this page, disconnect if you prefer, fill it in at your own time, log back on when you'v finished and have made sure all requested info is on and finally press Submit.

Voi'la, your done!


Hobbyist Name: * your photo is optional
E-Mail: *
City: *
Country: *

Tank Use:


If Main Display Tank, do you provide support with a Quarantine Tank?

Main Display    Quarantine

Yes     No


Tank size:

Tank type: fish    mixed (coral)   other
Tank age: months
Tank housing: pls. specify
Salinity Levels: mth average
Temperature: degC
Ammonia Levels: ppm
Nitrites Levels: ppm
Nitrates Levels: ppm
Phosphates: ppm
DKH Level: ppm
Calcium Level: ppm
Water type: RO    tap  other

Lighting: ie:

 2x Blue Fluorescents,

 2x White Fluorescents,

 2x Metal Halide 200W

specify type & Qty
Pumping: specify sizes & Qty
Cooling: refrig  fan  other
Heating: none    one  >1   watt
Filtration type: ie.cannister, sump, etc
Filtration assisting devices:

deKalk                     Activated carbon    

Calcium Reator          Denitrator  



specify type & Qty


any other pls. describe 

Gravel type:

ie. Crushed coral, Crushed coral, Live sand, Organite, etc

Water changes: none    one    >1   monthly
Attached pics:

none    one    >1   any readable format < than 1mb

click link to [attach pictures here]

Comments are mostly accept like form improvements, problems with the tank or fish or both (what kind), etc


   Scorpions or Lions, I still don't understand these scientific names!?


lion fish




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Copies of the FAQs can be made freely, as long as it is distributed at no charge, and the disclaimers and the copyright notice are included.

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