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First is first

Obviously after your aquarium you will need to start thinking about proper and efficient filtration. Surely the better filtration the better though, in today's economy and high costs in setting up a new aquarium certain parameters need to be well observed . . .

One way of doing things and such technique that no one can go wrong is the use of "Live Rock" (previously discussed) in a means of sump. This is obviously a 'bulls eye target' that will strike straight into the all requirements needed, meaning essential living organisms that will surely complete all filtration requirements for water conditions. Live rock is used at a rate of approx. 1kg per 2l of water. Live rock is sold between R65 & R85 p/kg !!?

"oneStage Dry/Wet" system

Alternatives are obviously aplenty and diverse. One that we discuss in this issue is a means of a Dry/Wet simple stage with a short passage of wet media.


In this system you can see the water drooping from the above or water-in from your aquarium to a perspex plate.


 This plate contains orifices where the water gets to be dispersed at a continuous rate using the total available coverage area.


This system is available in the Gauteng area and can be setup and ready for installation in a matter of 2- 3 days. Prices range from as little as R600 dependant on sizing and set ups of water dimensions to be filtered. Should you have any queries in this unit do not hesitate to contact us, (in the below link)


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