Advantages of web Sites

The above Check List gives you all the essential ingredients for a successful business plan, running in silent mode generating the leads and income that any business nowadays require.

Applebox is here to do just that for you. This way you don't need to spend huge amounts of money into advertising, employment agencies & other media.
We are the affordable solution. Let us take the work load away from you by offering a helping hand.


Website Advantages on a business environment:

An Effective way to Market your Products and Services,

Advertising campaigns, Seasonal Specials, Discounted goods for sale,

Office Relieve on Documentation & Forms required by different Depart,

A Source of Electronic Media ie. electronic directories,

A Shop ensuring customers of Secure Transactions over the your Website,

Creation of customer DataBase for sales environments,

Product Presentations has a salesmen tool,

Corporate emphasis or Popularity Feel,

the Sky's the limit, you tell us what you prefer ...

... Applebox a new way of canning apples!!

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