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Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes.

When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.


  Hosting Packages




In order for us to register your Domain Name we will require

you to follow 3 easy steps.

First chose type, then check availability and lastly Submit Form to us together with payment proof. Your registration will get done in minutes


Package Budget Power Enterprise Corporate
Price R80 pm R130 pm R230 pm R380 pm


20Mb 30Mb 50Mb 100Mb

 Email boxes

2 10 30 50

 Email virus check

 Monthly Transfer

100Mb 500Mb 1Gb 2Gb

 Full Email Accounts

 (POP3) (20 Megs ea)

 Multiple T-3 Connections

 Cisco Rout BGP4 Protocol

 UPS & Generator Back-Up

 Level1 Secure Net Centre

 MSFrontPage2002 Supp

 MS Visual InterDev Supp

 Unlimit  Email Forward

 Unlimit Email Responders

 Unlimited Email Aliases

 Active Server Pages


 Access to Raw Logs

 Unlimited FTP Updates

 SSL Encryption (on req.)

 Sites Statistics

(R60) (R60)

 Various ASP components


 MS Access Database


 SQL Server on request

N/A charge charge charge

For Additional Server Components installation

R100 p/component & R50 p/update

 MS SQL Server 2000

SQL Database R100 pm on first 4Mb & R25 p/Mb there after

 Additional email boxes

R10pm per account

 Additional bandwidth

For Max. bandwidth R0.50 p/Meg over your allocated

 Additional space

R20 pm

 Site stats (Web Trends)

R60 pm





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