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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did to get the site up and running. The end results are very impressive. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback (already) on the site.

Peter Schoeman - PE, SA

Sulivan's stuck on it. He loves it. He'd have it tattooed to his forehead he loves it so much...

Rosely Anthons - JHB, SA

Just a few words for my good friends at AppleBox. I have been completely pleased with the personal attention and professional service that I received. Our first attempt on the web was a total failure due to lack of support by a "so called" big time web company. After many months of searching for a place to call home, I found Erich and his team of very talented web guru's. They took the time and had the patience to design exactly what I was looking for. They made the whole process, of start to finish, very enjoyable. Erich made sure everything was going well with personal phone calls. That is the kind of service that makes them stand out from the pack!! In my humble opinion, there is not a better operation anywhere. I can't begin to list all the details of this journey. If you need more information, go to my website's contact page. As long as we have a website.

Alfred Crafts - CPT, SA

Hello, I visited a company web site that you designed and just wanted to tell you that it was a pleasure visiting the site. (www.utensilios.com) The site was well organized, everything worked, and it was nice to look at. If at some time I am in the market for a web designer I will be keeping your company in mind. Keep up the good work.

P. Randior - Sevilha , ES


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